2013 Holiday & 2 year Anniversary Party!

My celeb clients B Real from Cypress Hill and Jenni Pulos for BravoTV's Flipping Out.

My celeb clients B Real from Cypress Hill and Jenni Pulos for BravoTV’s Flipping Out.


It was an AMAZING 2013 Holiday & 2 year Anniversary Party for my gym Extreme Results Fitness!!! We had DJ Lenny Ducano and B Real from Cypress Hill as our awesome DJ’s, we had entertaining dance performances from the Cosmic Dance Crew and a Holiday Rap from my girl Jenni Pulos from Flipping Out!!! What a LINE-UP!!!

My gym was filled with past clients, new clients, existing clients, friends, family, New Yoga family, friends of the neighborhood and more….We had over 100 people walk through our doors and the ENERGY was AMAZING! We had the Extreme Results Fitness Red Carpet Step and Repeat, delicious food and yes some drinks!

As I sit back and reminisce of my party I am just so grateful and blessed to have so many beautiful souls in my life! I was overwhelmed with all the love, support and excitement that was in the air! My heart was so happy and full! In one way or another I have been a part of every person’s life that walked through my doors and that blows me away! I am so humbled that my passion for health and fitness has reached so many. I remember back when I started in the fitness industry as an aerobic instructor and I told myself that one day I would have my own PERSONALIZED gym….now here I am, my own gym, ridiculously amazing clients that have turned into lifelong friendships, and a 2nd family! There are times it’s very overwhelming as a business owner but I’m living my dream and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

To hear and see the physical, mental and emotional transformations that I have been a part of has changed my life!!! I thank you all for trusting me and allowing me into your life…I am honored and humbled to be your trainer, friend and confidant. Thank you again for all these amazing years and CHEERS to many more to come with some GRAND dreams on the horizon!

NOW…. Invite more people and let’s have OUR GYM packed out every single day!!!!! Let’s share the gift and beauty that health and fitness brings to all of us! Much love to you all and an even more prosperous year in 2014!

2013 Extreme Results Fitness Holiday Party

2013 Extreme Results Fitness Holiday Party

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Yoga Teacher Training here I come! :)

I can’t believe I will be embarking on a new journey once again…(but isn’t that what life is about… constantly changing and evolving?!). I’ve been in the Fitness Industry as a Fitness Professional for 20 years now and finally I have found a love for Yoga that I never really thought I would reach! I enjoy it so much I’ve decided to deepen my knowledge and practice by becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor!!!! I start my 200 hour yoga training Wednesday evening and I couldn’t be more thrilled! (Hence, my blog write about it!).

With the craziness of being a business owner, which means 14 hour plus days, and running a household (as much as I can), I have decided in my “FREE TIME” (haha) to take this challenge and new journey face on!!! In these past months as I practice yoga I have learned to love the focus, peace and concentration that has arrived to me from this time spent in class. My mind is always so wired, thinking of the next marketing move, my next client, my food, my gym, my instructors, classes, my family, my friends…. that I have found complete stillness and focus during yoga. I am so “PRESENT” in the moment and so focused on the poses and my breathing that I leave the class thinking… OMG… I didn’t even have a chance to think about anything else and it felt wonderful to be so “PRESENT”!! TO just enjoy that moment without interruption of other worries of the world….I wanted this all day everyday!!! So I will be diving into a new challenge that I intend to blog and share with all of you! This has been something I have found that creates such an openness of love, of giving, of receiving and of  learning; in return I want to share this to all of you! I hope you follow my journey and please leave comments for interaction and discussion… I am open and ready to receive something GREAT out of this experience!!!


I love handstands!! Handstands everywhere!!!

I love handstands!! Handstands everywhere!!!

Reasons to Exercise!

Reasons to Exercise!

Reasons to Exercise:

When you exercise you are moving the lymphatic fluid, which detoxifies the body by increasing the return of fluid and debris from the tissues to the general circulation as well as speeding up the circulation of white blood cells, helping to maintain the body’s defensive systems.

Exercise helps to promote proper sleep. Sleep is very valuable to your well being. Lack of sleep affects weight loss, metabolism, and it becomes vulnerable to disease.

Exercise makes you more aware of your diet, more conscious of your decisions.

Exercise increases energy, stamina levels, self confidence, endurance and mental focus.

These are only a few benefits of exercise… so many other reason than vanity! Health and Fitness are so important on so many levels, make it a point to move everyday!

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Love to Lift!!!


I’m known as the BOOT CAMP QUEEN… the Queen of kick ass workouts (excuse my french…lol) and I’ve realized that. I attract those who really want a hard workout, those that want to sweat and extreme results! It’s a great thing.. and even though I am currently enjoying Yoga as well I pride myself as being very balanced in my workouts. I love to lift, there are so many benefits…it tightens up the skin, creates lean muscle, increases bone density (which us women need) and it just feels amazing.. !! I balance it out with my love for kickboxing, spin and now Yoga. Our bodies love movement and a variety of exercises. My main reason for this blog is to reassure women that it’s a good thing to lift weights… you won’t look like a body builder, you will look and feel great.  I lift weights 4-5 times a week and I constantly get complimented on my feminine toned physique. Believe me… it does a body good! Happy Lifting!

Please click on the link above and watch a quick shoulder workout I performed!






My Yoga Journey in Bali, Indonesia and here back home!

I have always known the importance of stretching and Yoga and I took many a class and while training and competing for Fitness competitions I had to learn the holds for my routines and that’s where my love of holds, inversions and handstands all began! I took some time away from Yoga…became much more involved in lifting and building more lean muscle mass on my physique for my new competitions. It wasn’t until last year when I opened my larger gym that I was able to offer Yoga classes… at that point I started taking them again and remembered how good it was for my body, mind and soul! Many feel it’s too slow, not challenging enough… I would challenge all of you to open your hearts and minds and try Yoga again. It’s truly an experience with yourself that can’t be measured.

With all that being said, I was absolutely ELATED when I found out that my Eat, Pray, Love journey was going to BALI~!!!!!!!! Of all places…the yoga capital, the home of the movie Eat, Pray, Love… my mind was going crazy just thinking of the possibilities. I didn’t even know what to expect, so I went with no expectations, an open heart, an excitement that I couldn’t keep within myself and my practice.

My 1st session in Bali was Bikram Yoga in a popular studio in Bali.. It was intense, the sweat was pouring off of me, my vision was blurred due to the buckets coming down my face and not to mention it’s already hot and humid in Bali but add more heat…HOLY MOLY!!! I had to laugh at myself at some points due to fact that Bikram is very different from the Vinyasa Asana Yoga I was used…so some moves proved quite difficult. The Instructor was intense and amazing at the same time, she was very thorough and knew her stuff… (which I LOVE…!!!) After class she took time with me and said my practice was strong and we talked for a bit and I felt her energy…her livelihood, her passion for yoga and the whole connection of mind, body and soul. She was a beautiful gift to me that day… I felt very inspired and proud that I had endured such a class.

My 1st Bikram Yoga experience in Bali (JIWA)

My 1st Bikram Yoga experience in Bali (JIWA)

Now onto my 2nd Yoga experience in Ubud… a 2 hour drive BUT SO WORTH IT! I attended a Vinyasa Flow Level 2-3 at the very infamous YOGA BARN! Just driving over there I was getting the chills…everyone kept telling me I had to take a class at Yoga Barn, this is where the serious Yogi’s came out to play. I was excited and nervous at the same time but so ready for the challenge and the experience.

Upon arriving we had  to drive all the way to the back….seemed like a small little place… very deceiving! It was a hidden wilderness or jungle I should say full of little canopes to drink tea when you were done, a kitchen to buy food, stores, and then down the stairs I went and there was the big tree… or looked like a big tree to me. I climbed the circular staircase to the top where the room was large and open…only a roof. You could see the whole beautiful jungle, feel the vibrant breeze….it was breath taking!

Our Instructor Bex came out and started with a beautiful inspiring quote and built her story upon that. The ambiance and scenery were amazing… you could feel the peaceful energy not only from the Instructor but also from the students and the whole area. It was now time to begin…. and begin we did! It was an intense practice but the music, the scenery, the breeze, everything was just perfect.. I didn’t have a care in the world.. I was focused on my practice and holds and still couldn’t believe I was there. It was an amazing class.. I learned alot, learned you must always listen to your body, some days are good, others not as good, it’s not a competition… it’s my yoga practice and my time. It was beyond one of the most amazing experiences in Yoga…! Ubud…I MISS YOU!!!

Yoga Barn - Ubud

Yoga Barn – Ubud

Iphone pics & Indo trip 1159 Iphone pics & Indo trip 1172








Needless to say I was INSPIRED beyond words to continue my Yoga Practice here at home. This trip was full of enlightenment, peace, well being, love and gratitude! I learned so much, experienced so much, that as I write this now I truly wish I was back there. I came home with a completely different perspective on life, a new outlook on situations that I thought were unmendable, not so… our world is so much bigger than our problems.

I end my blog with this quote I read:

Focusing on the past and the present both bring unnecessary stress. It’s pointless really. We start thinking of what we are going to do, what we should have done, as opposed to operating in the moment which is the only place we really have any power. By bringing your attention to the present, whether you connect via sound, sight, taste, smell or touch and especially breathe… you can relieve stress and have more influence in your life. YES!!!!!!!!!

So grateful for all who took the time to read this blog… I hope somehow it inspired you!!!

Live well, be at peace and be grateful for everyone in your life!


Jeanette Ortega

Part 1 – My Eat, Pray, Love Trip in Indonesia (Mind/Body/Soul)

Look at the size of this plane! My 1st time on a full double decker plane! An A380!

Look at the size of this plane! My 1st time on a full double decker plane! An A380!

My 1st trip to Asia… another part of the World, another Country, another Culture! I was still in AWE as I entered the airport and saw the plane, it was at that point when reality set in, I’m truly flying to another Country and on a double decker airbus…an A380…this plane was HUGE!!! I was thankful for my traveling partner, my friend Chris, Angela’s cousin. We weathered the flight together and survived!

I had butterflies, I had no idea what to expect, but I had no expectations. The only intention I made was to go and travel and experience everything with an open mind and heart. I was ready to experience it all BUT 1st I had to conquer the 22 hour flight. Straight flight you ask?! Oh no… from the US to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Singapore then finally our 1st destination…Jakarta, Indonesia! This was the longest amount of time I have ever flown but I embraced it as forced time to sleep, catch up on movies, read my books and even do a little work. My butt was sore, my back was tight, my neck was twisted BUT I was EXCITED for what was to come! I slept on the plane because when we landed it would be 1pm in afternoon in Jakarta. They are 14 hours ahead and we had an itinerary as soon as we landed.

We landed and immediately the humidity hit me like a ton of bricks… But I loved it! It felt warm, tropical, it felt like I had arrived!!! I was pumped and excited to check into our beautiful hotel and get ready to meet up with the amazing Arifin Family!!!

My WELCOME to Indonesia from this family will go down in history as one of the best! First, I was so excited to be re-united with Angela (my client and friend). Second, her family was excited to have me as their guest and I was treated like a QUEEN. This was my 1st experience to Indonesian Food and it was a ROYAL FEAST! The food was FANTASTIC… they ordered all the Indonesian Specialties for me, plus amazing wine (which you all know I LOVE), and then came their traditional desert! My diet flew right out the window but I had already mentally prepared myself. There was NO WAY I was going to travel to another Country and not try the cuisine. I was stuffed, the richness of food, the spices, the broth, the fish, the meats, the noodles and the rice (which I’m still working off lol)….everything was a delight to my taste buds!! I met many members of the Arifin Family and I was so amazed by their hospitality. I love their daughter like a sister and in return they treated me as their daughter and as I’m writing this I have tears of joy, love and gratitude for how they treated me. Their love of people, their love of God, and peace showed in all of their actions and I learned lessons from them everyday!

Mr. Arifin (Angela’s Father) said to me after dinner: “I only want to see a smile on your face the whole time you are here…please enjoy our Country”!  I held back my tears and hugged and thanked him for his kindness and generosity to me. Mr and Mrs Arifin treated me as one of their own. This was my 1st night in Indonesia and my heart was already overwhelmed with gratitude from this family and this is only the BEGINNING of my journey…   It just keeps getting better! It wasn’t until the end of my trip that I realized God, the Universe whatever you believe in…was paying me back for all the hard work and sacrifice over the years because this was over and beyond my wildest dreams…. Stay tuned for Part 2 of my journey… the beauty keeps getting better!

The best WELCOME I have ever received! My Indonesian Parents!

Yoga, Juicing, Training and MORE!!!

Making some changes, making some changes!!!! WHY?! Because it’s time for a change, time to rejuvenate my body, mind and spirit! Time to get re-motivated and feel completely excited and unaware of what is coming. Time to go back to the beginning when I feel in LOVE with health and fitness…when I couldn’t get enough information, when I ate, slept and thought about fitness.. about Nutrition, the wonders of our body. We get complacent and at times forget that 1st Love feeling of our passion. I’ve been in this industry for over 19 years now (yes, I started when I was 12…Haha!!), and I’ve seen the fads come and go.. so many changes throughout the years.. it’s fascinating.. EVERYTHING EVOLVES!!! With that being said, I definitely feel the need to evolve with the changes BUT evolve into my own more unique person every year. I want to try something new, travel the world, dance no matter who’s watching, scream and shout, be excited for all the small things, and in every trial look for the good in it..meaning the lesson, and I’m learning a lot of lessons!

So there’s my basic thoughts on my journey this year….I really need to find a new word to replace journey…haha!! Anyways…. Here’s to health, fitness, prosperity, peace of mind and more!! It’s all there…time to REACH OUT AND GRAB IT and CLAIM THAT IT’S ALL MINE!!! Hope you do the same!!!

All about Change!

All about Change!


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1st Day of my new Yoga Journey!

Hello ALL!

Well, I started a new journey for myself.. I started Yoga and juicing!! :)

Why you ask?! I have always loved Yoga but never remained consistent with it. I believe the benefits of Yoga are absolutely amazing for our bodies, mind and soul and since my goal this year is Balance, what better way to achieve that then with Yoga?! I have taken many yoga classes before and they are intense, I always made the excuse of not enough time or I have to lift today. I was tired of hearing my own excuses, I want and needed a change. A change in my physique, a challenge for me mentally and wanted true peace and balance in my life and my head. It’s never easy running your own business, it never stops…there’s always something to do, to plan, to create, to finish, to start, to achieve… not that it’s a bad thing BUT there needs to be some quiet time in my head and time with my friends and family.

I offer Yoga classes at my gym “Extreme Results Fitness” and my Yoga Instructors are FABULOUS, but I made the decision to step out of my own 4 walls and allow mind to completely rest and indulge in this activity for ME. There are times that I’m at my own gym and even if I’m taking a class I can’t fully enjoy it. I start thinking about other classes, about what needs to be done at the gym, talking to clients and so forth SO yesterday was my 1st day at a Yoga Studio and it was GREAT!

This was my 1st time at this studio and many Yogi’s all knew each other and the Instructor.. class started and I was unsure of what to expect..the Instructor started singing, then the entire class started singing…I had no idea what they were saying…was this Yogi Talk or song?! It caught me off guard but I closed my eyes and allowed myself to just rest and mentally prepare. Hence, the reason for their chanting or singing..it brings them into a place of calmness, forgetting about the outside world and it’s issues…it was time to focus and be YOU!

We started our Vinyasa’s and the posing became increasingly more difficult and I loved it! I am so thankful for my Yoga Instructors Niki, Shielu and Amber..as they have taught me the foundation and I was thoroughly impressed with how well I flowed thanks to them and their teachings at my gym. I felt strong, it wasn’t a competition, it was about me and what my mind would allow my body to do…how to force your mind to focus and persevere in the hardest of poses. Many of the Yogi’s were so impressive, their holds, arm balances, movements were just gorgeous and I aspire to practice and get better at each session. My goal is to hold  my arm balances, my handstands and more…it’s such a freedom to reach these poses you thought were unattainable. Needless to say..I’m hooked…I am investing in me and my own goal of taking Yoga 2-3 times a week. Am I still lifting weights….HECK YA!!! I am bringing Yoga in as an addition to my routine…NO EXCUSES this time around…I’m ALL IN! (And no….I’m not planning on turning into the Hippie Yogi…I’m getting asked that alot!!!! LOL!!!)

Now about juicing…I am not doing a crazy juicing detox where all I do is drink juices. I have chosen to add juicing into my daily lifestyle of clean eating once or two times a day. I believe juicing should be a lifestyle, not just a temporary detox as so many of us do. There are so many healing properties in our foods in raw form that it just makes sense to add this to my eating plan. I will be blogging and sharing my juicing recipes and why they are good…I’m on a path of learning, experiencing new ventures, exploring challenges for me that require my mind/body and soul!!

I’m excited to take you on this journey with me…..who knows..you may wanna join me one day! :)

Yoga Flow...!

Extreme Results Fitness and Eggwhites International!

So excited to announce that we have joined forces with Eggwhites International, the purest form of protein!

Extreme Results Fitness and Eggwhites Int'l!!

Extreme Results Fitness and Eggwhites Int’l!!


Liquid Egg Whites are Used By Competitors Around the World!! And
  • Tasteless & Odorless
  • All Natural
  • No Preservatives
  • No Fat & No Cholesterol
  • USDA Inspected & Kosher Approved

Just to list a Few Of the Great Benefits

Now, Two ways on getting your hands on these:
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Very Affordable!!!
SOLD in both Gallon and Half Gallon Sizes!

My 1st Fitness magazine COVER!!!

My 1st Fitness COVER!!!!!

I’ve always dreamed to be on a cover of a Fitness Magazine… to represent what fitness is truly about… to be an inspiration to others, to share my passion and my fitness journey with the World!! Well… my dream came true!! I’ve been a published model and writer BUT this is my very 1st COVER of a magazine!! I’m so proud and honored and embracing this great achievement with all my family, friends, and clients!!!
I’m grateful to everyone who has been so supportive, encouraging and always believed in me! I share this great honor with all of you! I hope you get an opportunity to read this magazine, there are many awesome articles written by some amazing fitness women! Be inspired….share the link: