Top 10 Reasons to Participate in Jeanette's Boot Camp

  • 10. Studies show that being accountable to someone like a trainer or instructor increases your chances of sticking to a workout program -- especially if they are wearing fatigues!
  • 9. Group workouts are shown to have higher compliance rates. That means you are more likely to stick to it.
  • 8. Boot camps get you outdoors, expending calories, having fun, breathing fresh air, meeting people in your neighborhood and losing fat.
  • 7. It’s affordable! Workouts range from $20 to $25 an hour -- so you are getting the expertise of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.
  • 6. No gym membership or home equipment is necessary. All you need to get get started is a mat and a pair of dumbbells from 5 to 8 pounds.
  • 5. Your workout is over before your family and colleagues are even awake.
  • 4. You can be in a new body in four weeks. During the first four weeks, it's not unusual for ladies to shave two minutes off their timed mile, shed up to 10 pounds and go down a clothing size.
  • 3. You are more likely to eat a healthy breakfast. As you were taught in kindergarten, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many adults skip breakfast or opt for a less-than-desirable choice. After a boot-camp workout, you are going to want a hot shower and to eat a healthy meal to kick off your day.
  • 2. Your friends can join you. Mystery breeds company. Just kidding!
  • 1. The No. 1 reason to join boot camp is that it's so early in the morning that you can be finally yourself. Everyone will have their hair tied back, no one will have on make up, and you don’t have to wear designer workout gear. Everyone is there to get in shape and be the very best they can be.

Jeanette Ortega's Boot Camp is a 4 week outdoor fitness program with high intensity, heart pumping workouts which include; cardio endurance, strength, agility, balance and flexibility in every session. You are guaranteed to be pushed to your limits at all times. You will build a great camaraderie with your bridal boot camp peers and you will learn to work as a team and help each other through each fitness course drill.

Your drill instructor controls the group and dictates the exercise activities. You must come prepared with a towel and/or mat, water bottle, comfortable shoes and clothing, but most of all, DEDICATION. The classes will be held rain or shine and you will never regret your commitment to a healthier body, spirit and mind.

What makes Jeanette's Boot camp unique? Here's what you should expect within the 4 week program:

* Greater confidence and increased self esteem
* Firmer thighs, arms, stomach and buns
* Increased strength, energy and stamina
* Faster metabolism to burn fat at rest
* Tighter, flatter abs (decreased waistline)
* 4-10 lbs weight loss
* 3-6% decrease in body fat
* Reduced cravings for sugar and fat
* Decrease in joint pain, backaches
* Greater mental clarity and discipline
* Sense of achievement in both physical and mental areas


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